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Echoes of distant stars coupled with the flashing light of white diamonds , make a perfect piece of ribbon drape in the sky dazzling ...... full moon night, Ballon Blanc de Cartier Replica Watch is like a comet, falling in Cartier workshops .

Like the French modernist poet Baudelaire 's poem, which chanted spiritual and sensual frenzy. Light as if it has no weight, Ballon Blanc de Cartier Cartier watch put the classic design elements into their own use, creating an entirely new look, as if the woman changed her makeup. The case still maintains a charming pebble shape, like a precious cartridge. Glyph guilloche mother of pearl dial, sword-shaped blue steel pointers - Ballon de Cartier series iconic elements are not absent. Roman numerals and minute track are slightly off the track, to highlight the brilliant diamond inlaid with the 4:00 position. Bracelet consists of five rows of perfect shape "bubble" , with inlaid diamonds or shiny smooth surface , like a gulf stream pouring down.

Seven years ago, Ballon Bleu de Replica Cartier Watches series turned up. The falling star lit the bright sky of Ballon de Cartier series . Today, the new Cartier Ballon Blan watches shine the watchmaking universe again. Like that 7 years ago, with the same choice of comic form, Cartier has interpreted the ladies jewelry watches to the peak .

Comics industry also sets off a wave of women, which is timely . Cartier carefully selected four hottest female cartoonists with distinct styles, whose proficient skills are sufficient to match the glamorous new watches. Takahama young Japanese cartoonist portrayed a woman who was on an adventurous journey ; Paris cartoonist Nadja talked about what was eternal beauty; Posy Simmonds full of British style used keen eye to capture the light of women's gestures; while Rebecca Dautremer traveling through time to tell a timeless emotion. In addition to four female artists, the male illustrator Floc'h was also invited to join the creation, interpreting the " servant in heart ." with elegant style. summer in Tokyo, autumn in Paris, brutal winter in London and the mysterious fantasy, Ballon de Cartier series involved in four dreamy story among the states with heady bloom to blaze a trail of excellence.

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Enthusiasm, dedication, tenacity. whatever field , in order to stand out in the crowd , you need to master all the skills related to it , achieving accurate and efficient interpretation, to become the soul of control of the situation. In football, Lionel Messi did.

Messi's career is undoubtedly enviable, but these achievements can never be set apart from his persistent endeavours and extraordinary wisdom. So does Swiss watch brand Audemars Piguet with a long history of 139 years , as the master of the complex process watch, it uses firmness , enthusiasm and superb artistry to achieve excellence and brilliance of every watch , writing legendary glory in the field of senior watch .

To break the rules, you must first master them. Sharing the common values ,Audemars Piguetand Lionel Messi established a long-term partnership with each other on the basis of mutual appreciation in 2010, Messi became the brand ambassador Audemars Piguet , witnessing each other's moment of glory.

Whether in the football field or the watch area, talent and elegant posture is not enough, rigor and accuracy is indispensible . In fact, Messi's early football career was not smooth. Although he grew up,showing the extraordinary football talent, when he was 10 , he was diagnosed as the lack of growth hormone , which may cause growing Messi unable to become athletes. Fortunately, Messi did not give up his passion for football , after a fruitless visit to Argentina, Messi decided to choose to go to Barcelona, Spain for training. Today Messi has become the legendary striker of Barcelona team and Argentine national soccer team , not only because of the techniques to hone perseverance, more importantly, unwavering strength in his inner soul . The outstanding talent to become a member of Audemars Piguet brand ambassador group, making each other feel honored. After the years of training, more worthy to savor and praise .

Messi demonstrates his outstanding personal abilities in the game, and places a very high value on teamwork. In 2014, he will once again set foot in the Brazilian World Cup wearing Argentina national team jersey . No. 10 jersey is an honor for him, but also the highly anticipated figure in World Cup . His game is not just a personal feast, a strong sense of team and national honor is admirable, this summer, wish Messi, Argentina's dreams come true!

In 2005, Messi and Audemars Piguet first time soon. To celebrate his first Liga title, the executive of the Spanish football club which he played for presented an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch to him, whcih caught his eyes at first sight. Love Between the promising Argentine player and a maverick watch just commenced. So Lionel Messi started collecting Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (Royal Oak) watches, a simple love contributed to Messi's participation in Audemars Piguet's big family.

Taking the lead in the top watchmaking industry,Audemars Piguet shows the unique spirits everywhere , the extreme challenge, teamwork. Messi, believes success is no accident, just as Audemars Piguet : continues to adhere to watchmaking passion and will always keep skills in mind. On May 5, 2014, Messi visited Audemars Piguet watch plant located in Puebla Suzie . The trip gave him a deeper understanding of watch sector. He found a lot in common between Haute Horlogerie manufacture and football in particular both need to persevere in pursuit of perfection: "When making a watch, you need to focus all your attention on it, you must center on the target , setting aside everything happening around, to make every effort to achieve the perfect result. "

Macy superior skills, excellent performance, has become an immortal legend, but his charisma is even more striking. His integrity to the team, emphasis on team spirit; loyalty to the family, endless gratitude for his families that support his football career , all sorts of these exceptional values coincide with Audemars Piguet family tradition since the foundation of 1975 . He said: "I just need a nice house and a large garden to plant flowers, because my mother likes flowers," which illustrates his loyalty and responsibility to family , which make him praise that so far the watchmaker has remained the family honor of operating independently .

I will be supportive of any project that is beneficial to the foundation , and give sincere thanks to the help from all sides , with these contributions, we can to bring hope to children in adversity , making them smiling again. "

The collective enthusiasm of Audemars Piguet and Messi for charity and concern about family make the relation further deepen. Audemars Piguet Foundation since 1992 actively involved in the global forest protection actions, implemented through heightening youth awareness and environment protection . Fundacon Leo Messi was set up in 2009 through the endeavours of Messi and his families. Its vision is to make children around the world have equal opportunities , helping them fulfill their dreams.

I realized my dream, that is to become a football player. I hope we all know, everything I have is obtained through efforts, and I have to work harder in order not to r . Today, I want to use my efforts and success, to help the those children who are in desperate need of assisting . I chose them because I feel touched by their expression when they are hopeful or happy . That is why we decided to create Messi Foundation, I will continue to work with passion and dedication, to bring joy to the children, which is also the driving force of progress in my football career. "

Extending the charitable spirit to the younger generation. as the brand ambassador of Audemars Piguet , Messi and Audemars Piguet will continue to promote more projects in the future to help increasing people.

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